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A Smarter Mail Station

The world’s smartest and most integrated shipping and receiving station made for your home. Finally, you can say “Alexa, read me my mail today!”

Your Mailbox

Basic, black, and quite unintelligent with a simple capacity to receive mail in a single compartment. 


A fully integrated and beautifully designed system that allows for both shipping and receiving, all connected to your smart devices.

Innovative Features

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SmartHome Control

Connected to Nest and Alexa, your house is now under your complete control.

Uploaded Mail Scan

View each parcel that is delivered through uploaded PDF scanned images.

Outgoing Parcel Delivery

No longer do you have to drop your package off at the delivery location. Simply mark the package as “Outgoing” and we’ll notify the delivery service to come pick it up directly from your home!

Refrigerated Compartment

Streamline your grocery delivery and keep your goods cool! No more giving access to your home for strangers to drop off your food.

Logistics Integration

Stay in touch with each package and parcel from incoming to outgoing through the real-time logistics control.

Solar Powered

Our sustainable units are powered by clean energy and generate enough energy to help lower your home energy bill!

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